2020 Website Update

I'm well aware that it's been ~6 months since the last blog post, but I've been busy dealing with things going on in my life which have prevented me from making as many blog posts as I'd like. However, by the time I'm able to get back to posting on here, this break will have hopefully resulted in blog posts that are of a much higher quality.

Now on to the actual update: I am now going to start posting my Twitter threads on this site since A.) I have recently been gaining a number of followers over the past few months (and I thank you for following me on Twitter, Really!) and B.) This newfound, though marginal popularity presents a greater risk of me getting banned from Twitter, which would mean that my much of my written work would disappear from the internet forever. Not good!

You'll be able to find these on the blog directory along with the rest of my regular posts, but these Twitter threads will be indicated by the [Thread] tag at the end of the title. Regular posts will also be added along with these in due time.

Thanks for reading and stay patient...

Edit: I also decided to remove the music and art sections from this website because I would prefer that they be kept seperate, lest anyone decides to end my artistic career because of contents (real or supposed) of my website.