Why Chicom Systems?

Some people who are visiting this website for the first time may ask “Why is the name of the website Chicom Systems?” or “What is Chicom Systems about?”

"Chicom" is a reference to Infowars' Alex Jones. Chicom usually refers to Chinese Communists, but Jones uses the term to also refer to big tech companies and politicians who aim to destroy the First Amendment and strip the freedoms of the American people through deplatforming, and widespread media censorship.[1] It serves as an as an ironic reference to this war against free thought.

“Systems” simply refers to the blog and its associated social media profiles (as seen on Twitter and Gab.)

I use the blog Chicom Systems focuses on the rapid loss of people’s freedoms, which happen though means of manufacturing consent and content, as well as the conflicts and advancements in society which will result in the obsolescence of human life. I use this website to question and criticize the powers that be, as well as the people who defend and enforce the aims of the moralistic thought police for some sick sense of social acceptance or for political gain.

That being said, this is not the only purpose of Chicom Systems. I’ll also use this site to post music, art, literature, and recommendations for other websites to read.

People who have visited the blog before, or even interacted with me on Twitter, may have noticed the change from “Chicom Oscillations” to “Chicom Systems” and may be thinking “Why the name change?” There are a couple of reasons why this is so.

One reason is because “Chicom Oscillations” is neither catchy nor memorable. I didn’t think people will remember the name, and I didn’t think it sounded good either. Another reason for the name change is because “Oscillations” was actually a reference to Luke Turner’s Metamodernist Manifesto, not on some frivolous, embarrassing narrative as seen in the blog post entitled “Why Chicom Oscillations?”. Turner wrote that “We recognise oscillation to be the natural order of the world” and “Today, we are nostalgists as much as we are futurists.”[2] Yet if one takes a peek at his Twitter page, it’s post after post of his left-liberal hand-wringing at anything which could be remotely construed as “reactionary”, “right leaning”, or god forbid, “alt-right”. In fact, after he screenshotted Anna Khachiyan's Twitter post rightfully calling him a retard, a post which I and about 15 others liked, he responded by accusing her and the people seen liking her post as being alt-right, including me. So I responded to him by telling him something to the effect of “Nobody would call you a retard if you didn’t act like one.” (they really wouldn’t). After that, he and his followers reported my account en masse and successfully had my post deleted.I was banned for a couple of days, and I was told that the next banning was going to be permanent. So much for oscillation, I guess.

This, along with other incidents with Turner, prompted me to distance myself from Metamodernism because if the writer of the Metamodernist Manifesto can’t even live up to his own standards, then why should I have faith in, or even care about Metamodernism in the first place? Why should I believe in what the manifesto is selling, especially if Luke Turner and his ankle-biters are too stupid to realize that liberal identity politics is a complete sham, let alone explain whatever “a state of maximum entropic dissemblance” is?[3]

Because of this, other incidents with Turner, and the fact that “Oscillations” just doesn’t sound very good, I decided to change the Oscillations part of my name to Systems and delete the post “Why Chicom Oscillations?”, because I have less than one gigabyte of space left on this website, and I’d rather not waste it on embarrassing bullshit. Also don't get used to me either deleting posts or recounting twitter drama; that's not what I want to do with this site.

Also, there’s more posts coming up about information warfare and its means; I just felt like I needed to get this out of the way first.


[1] https://www.infowars.com/watch-these-censored-videos-as-chicom-internet-control-hits-america/

[2] [3] http://www.metamodernism.org/