The Red Pill

First, a little summary on the whole Epstein situation:

It’s been a little over a month since Jeffrey Epstein was arrested at the Teterboro Airport in New Jersey. While he was in jail, someone from /pol/ flew a drone down to Little St. James and uploaded footage from the island, including the ongoing “construction” going on at the temple. A month later, it was reported that the FBI now lists conspiracy theories as a domestic terrorism threat. A week after that, Jeffrey Epstien was found dead in his jail cell on August 10th, 2019. The cause of death was reported as a suicide by hanging[1]. That being said, this “suicide” was a message from the 1% telling everybody that they will do whatever they want with a complete disregard for the law, and nobody can do a thing about it.

However, anybody who was even remotely paying attention to either Pizzagate or the Epstein conspiracy knew that Epstein wouldn’t face justice, since there are too many powerful people involved to let a good child sex ring go up in flames. Anybody paying attention also knew that an event like Epstein’s murder could serve as a massive red pill to the public at large. In a Jacobite article entitled “Authoritarian Realism”, Nicolas Hausdorf writes:

[…] Assange… Snowden… Weinstein… Epstein…

All stand for whistleblowers, active and passive, all have become shorthands for the political scandals that shook liberal democratic political culture to the core. It cannot simply return to the normal state of affairs.[2]

He then goes on to say that these political scandals, along with the increasing encroachment of internet-based technological interests into everyday life, has rattled our liberal democracy and is shifting it towards authoritarianism.

Hausdorf illustrates an important point about how massive political scandals can hide in plain sight and irrevocably disenfranchise the masses when laid bare. The Epstein case has probably caused the largest upset to popular discourse by far; while other scandals have pointed people towards large scale injustices practiced by the U.S. government, they haven’t really caused any significant uproar (aside from people who are already inclined to fight against those kinds of injustices in the first place). The Epstein scandal is a different beast; even though we now live in a time where global headlines come and go instantly, the Epstein scandal has permeated the discourse for a couple of months now. It has cut through partisan lines like no online story of its kind. Everybody from fair-weather centrists, to cable news addicted boomers, and dissident reactionaries have latched on to the story with little sign of letting go — hell, even leftists are following every word of the Epstein case now.

Now, will the Epstein scandal cause the American people, and perhaps the west at large, to finally wake up and fight for what's right? Of course not, the vast majority of people might take one look at it and act outraged, before going back to their safe, placid, sedentary lives while the U.S. government slides American democracy further and further towards a technocratic, authoritarian pseudo-democracy.

The question is, how is the government able to shift our society towards totalitarianism, even though its unjust acts are becoming more visible by the day? There are many ways they go about this, though their main way of doing this is though information warfare, particularly though means of manufacturing outrage, brainwashing through "social justice", and suppressing dissident thought by labeling it as either “conspiratorial” or “hate speech”, though both accusations are used in tandem to restrict free thought and unperson those who dare question the status quo. I will go into more detail about this topic on the next few blog posts.


[1] The official reports claimed that he committed suicide, though numerous amounts of evidence, such as "lost" or “unusable” security footage, the numerous amount of people who would want him dead if he spoke out in court (such as Ghislaine Maxwell, Bill Clinton, Rupert Murdoch, etc.), and the fact that it is impossible to break one's vertebrae by hanging oneself with bedsheets shows that Epstein was murdered beyond a shadow of a doubt.