The Instrumentalization of Mindfulness [Thread #3]

[Original Twitter Thread was posted on 7/15/2020, with minor corrections]

One of the greatest tragedies of our postmodern era is the instrumentalization of Buddhist teaching for oedipal-consumerist purposes. There’s a reason why the concept of mindfulness which is devoid of its context is shilled by the powers that be; that reason being that it is used to placate people into not thinking about their material reality which would otherwise call for a violent reaction. In Buddhism, mindfulness is a means towards approaching enlightenment, freeing oneself from the illusion of the Self, or being as an acting thing-in-itself, etc., as opposed to a mere corporate exercise technique that only serves to increase the dividends of nameless shareholders, and to better inculcate its adherents to be calculated, inventoried, and stored for further ordering as standing-reserve for the benefit of the professional-managerial class.