Suspicious Connections [Thread #2]

[Original Twitter Thread was posted on 5/21/2020, with minor corrections]

...while we’re on the subject of industry darlings with suspicious trafficking ties, indie musician Mitsuki Laycock’s (who goes only by Mitsuki) father, John Christopher Laycock, was in Zaire in 1989 as a US official before the regime change with US involvement took place. J. Christopher Laycock is likely to be CIA because of the agency’s consistent involvement in Africa at around the same time and earlier (see the assassination of Patrice Lumumba and the CIA’s backing of Joseph Mobutu), as well as in committing war crimes in Zaire at the same time.

Now what does this mean for Mitsuki? This implies that not only did (or perhaps does) her father have ties to the CIA (or is a member of it), he may have possibly committed war crimes during his time in Zaire, hence why information about her personal life is very scarce, especially when compared either her musical contemporaries or the average person, whose information can oftentimes be found by looking up voter information. It’s all too easy for one to hide personal info when they have CIA ties, and just as easy to achieve fame and fortune to, not to mention that the CIA has been involved with many sex trafficking rings over the years, even in Africa and Zaire (now popularly known as the Congo).

All of this information can be found here. Keep in mind that this info regarding Mitsuki is not definitive, but it points towards information one must be aware of when consuming popular culture...