A Dialectic of Overcorrections [Thread #1]

[Original Twitter Thread was posted on 9/6/2020, with minor corrections]

Postmodernity, especially in America, can be seen as being trapped within a dialectic of overcorrections; this can be plainly seen in the transition from white supremacy in the west to academic black ethno-narcissism, which is especially apparent in the west. This overcorrection can also be seen in the transition from utter disrespect towards veterans during the Vietnam War to an almost cult like worship of US veterans, which often gets in the way of critique of western foreign policy.

Additionally, this can also be seen if one examines the history of anti-Semitism in the west; there has been a clear and distinct transition from the hate of the Jew (placing them as an outsider at best and a demonic entity at worst) to a critic-proof valoration of the Jew, which also obscures much of western foreign policy in the middle east (especially with respect to Israel and the question of its legitimacy). This question, of course, only arises because of the massive influence Israeli interests have on the media, the banks, international relations, etc., and the mere notion that this influence is present invites accusations of anti-Semitism from the powers that be which also has the effect of making the myths of the Zionist New World Order a self-fulfilling prophecy, thereby forcing the Jewish question into the public eye as a legitimate concern to the populace displaced from polite society by those dominant powers.

Long story short, The Protocols have hacked their way from the future by way of a U.N. sanctioned territorializing war-machine, despotic in its very nature.